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Here we are again for another podcast of the Wilds cabinets and flooring podcast for kitchen cabinets in Hattiesburg. You were in the Hattiesburg area looking for Cabinets  Hattiesburg. Delighted if you would contact us so that we can reach out back to you to get. You started on the road towards getting you. The custom cabinets in Hattiesburg that you want and deserve the impeccable finishes that you can receive with cabinets from Wiles Custom Cabinets the Superior Service you can expect when you purchase your cabinets in Hattiesburg from Wild cabinets and the on time and on budget guarantee that we stand behind to make sure We deliver the cabinets in Hattiesburg that you wanted need on time and on budget each and every time that you do business with wilds cabinets and flooring.

We will stand behind our work, 100 % of the time to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the work that you received from us installations are always guaranteed and we stand behind the product with full warranty to make sure that you’re happy for years to come. We also offer for those that’s on a tight budget. We offer a prefab cabinet that we can get to you in a short amount of time. Very quick delivery on these cabinets house you have to do is call us on her phone number at 601-795-0305, or you can visit our website at Wild

We have been discussing this week on the broadcast. The prefab cabinet line that we have decided to offer as an alternative to Custom Cabinets for those that maybe have time constraints or on a budget that does not allow for Custom Cabinets in Hattiesburg. We wanted to be able to still offer the same great service that you can expect when you buy custom cabinets in Hattiesburg from Wild to those customers that need something a little bit faster or on a tighter budgets that you can get these prefab cabinets and still get the Same service that you’ve come to expect, We Begin by discussing all the different finish options that you have available to you when it comes to these cabinets, and then we ended up going through a full list of the types of alterations and special pieces that you can Order when it comes to getting kitchen cabinets for your home or for your office, so we also looked at some of the options for kitchen cabinets and for vanity cabinets to for your cabinets in Hattiesburg, but there’s a couple new items: there’s a vanity sink base. It’S also available now, 27 inch, Vanity, Vanity sink bases, come in a 24 27 inch and 30 inch size, the 27 in the new size. This includes the butt door, no shelf and then one false front door. You think’s going to go another new item for the vanity options is going to be a 21 inch sink base cabinet is the extra small sink base, but this will accommodate small sinks at you, sometimes seeing and vanities the other options that you have for vanities adjust A standard vanity sink base, with the devil, false front or vanity single sink. With drawers on one side, you can get the door drawers on the left side or the right side, and these are available in 24, inch to 42 inch vanity sizes and don’t forget you can also get a vanity drawer base to attach those were needed. Another new item is going to be a vanity single sink base was flanking drawers, and this is a center sink with drawers on each side, and this is available on a 48 54 and 60 inch cabinet for your Custom Cabinets in Hattiesburg. They won’t have shelves in these, because the sink and plumbing is designed to take up the room where the Shelf would go. You could also get a double that vanity double sink base is another option when doing vanities. How are you can get a single sink vanity with two top drawers on the left and right, I don’t forget, you can also get the Pro laptop or Johnny. Locker is almost also available and we can also put vanity need drawers in to build the makeup area for those that want their foot on. Have a makeup area near your vanity for your cabinets, Hattiesburg available at custom molding, we can get different types of Shaker crown. Molding crown molding dentil, molding rope, molding cap, Moulding baton, molding and shoe molding can also get matching baseboard and toe kicks some of the trim that’s available. The cap. Molding is good. As an under cabinet molding puts dresses up, the underside of the cabinet makes for a nice look underneath Light Rail molding to Jack’s the same way and another thing you can always get for your cabinets: Hattiesburg is going to be corbels, carpels are liable in an arrow And medium-sized corbels countertop support he can get those decorative her plane. Also, you can add wooden feet to your cabinets, to give it a more furniture. Look, that’s an option, that’s available on every cabinet that you can order. Another thing you can order is table legs or decorative legs to dress up those cabinets. So there’s a lot of options when it comes to the prefab cabinets in the hair does line, I think we’ve covered a lot of those options. So, if you’re looking for prefab cabinets and want something they want good service at Good Price, be sure to check with wild cabinets and flooring and we’ll get you started right away. There is warranty available when it comes to your prefab cabinets.

There’S always going to be the idea that we stand behind everything that we sell and will stand behind and make sure that you’re going to be satisfied with your car up how the Heritage prefab cabinets for the custom cabinets, prefab cabinets Hattiesburg are warranty for one year. After the purchase date, 20 plots in normal indoor consumer use the warranty dust cover damages that would be from normal used to finish it and we’re off, and things like that they should hold up well, the warranty would stand behind a lot of those issues, so be Sure, if you have further questions about warranty, we can get you a copy of your warranty page for that for the prefab cabinets for the cabinets, Hattiesburg and all the Heritage Cabinets are certified.

Kcma kcma Just Dance by just a label that kit kitchen cabinet manufacturers, Association manufacturers in authorized with a seal on a certificate says that they are held to the kcma standards and have been inspected that such there formaldehyde levels have been verified to not have formaldehyde present. When testing and also no LED that’s the way LED best LED based paints paint chips were collected from the cabinets and sent to the Galveston Laboratories. The results of the sample did not reveal the presence of lead-based paint. Those reports are available as well to remember where’s the Heritage Cabinets you can get in the Madison Cabernet, the Madison white cabinets, mocha, distressed espresso, Shaker white, Shaker Smokey Gray, and the News Norris gray and don’t forget you can get your pull-out shelves lazy, Susans, pull out Garbage bins, the fancy furniture legs, the glass doors, metal, doors, decorative hoods, Pandora’s, Pantry, pull-out, split legs, angled wall, cabinets table, legs, wall plates and racks wine, glasses wine, glass holders and wine, racks, farmhouse, sink cabinets, angled base, cabinets and counter supports tall bookcases are all still Available, so if you’re in the market for cabinets, consider prefab cabinets as an option to fit within your budget, be sure to contact Wilds cabinets for your cabinets, Hattiesburg check us out at 601-795-0305 or be sure to check our website and have wild Also, you can do a Google Search and you can search for cabinets Hattiesburg and your Google search bar. That’S the key word type that in and our page should come up. First page click on that link. Follow it to our contact us form, or you can fill out all of your information for us to be able to get back with you just as soon as we can to begin setting up the process to get you some Custom Cabinets and do your free 3D Design and your free estimate