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It is a beautiful Wednesday morning down here in Poplarville, Mississippi it’s the second week of the new year for just getting into 2018 over here, while it’s cabinets, I say it’s a beautiful day, just cuz, it’s a beautiful day to be alive, but it’s actually quite gloomy Outside the sun is not shining, we’ve had rain and cold all week. That’S what winners can be like down here in south Mississippi, it’s either going to be really warm in mild, or is it going to be cold and wet it’s one way or the other, but we’re here Wilds cabinets and flooring in Poplarville we do cabinets and kitchen Cabinets for cabinets Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas. We want you to be able to have the best possible experience you can when it comes to purchasing kitchen cabinets for your home or mainly a custom Cabinet store. We offer custom kitchen cabinets for any part of your home. We like to dokitchen cabinets in any color that you can imagine any finish that you can dream up. We can provide that for you, because we do all of our finishing and house. We can get pieces of wood samples and stain those for you to match anything that you might have seen on Pinterest or anything that you might have seen on Instagram or on home and garden television or Home and Garden magazines. You might have seen Custom Cabinets for kitchen cabinets that you thought were beautiful and different ads or maybe in another store, maybe in one of the Home Centers and you’d, like some custom cabinets built for your home and you need those matched upand. We don’t have any issues at all being able to match those colors for you, because we do all in house custom color matching for your kitchen cabinets for your cabinets Hattiesburg. If you also are in the Picayune Mississippi area, we want you to know that we can do your custom cabinets too. We are located in Poplarville Mississippi, for we cover a large area with the cabinets that we sell. We will work on the Gulf Coast. We will work in Hattiesburg and Laurel for cabinets and will also work in parts of Louisiana if needed, to be able to bring you a custom Cabinet experience and the best possible kitchen cabinets that you can purchase with the best possible service service that is going to Exceed your expectations and deliver you at product that you can be excited about that customers will be happy to have paid to have their kitchen cabinets built, and we like to be able to offer that type of service. To you. We did add a prefabricated cabinet line to are offering a couple of different lines have been talking a little bit lately about one such line, which is the Heritage Cabinets.

We reviewed all of the colors that are available in this cabinet line for your cabinets Hattiesburg. We went over, I read to you the offerings that they have and the colors that’s available until these cabinets are constructed for you. So these are all going to talk a little bit more about how these are built and what you can expect when ordering a prefab cabinet line from walls cabinets these cabinets that are prefab, cabinets are going to be a face frame, cabinet and they’re going to be Constructed really similar to how to custom cabinets that we Builder constructed as far space frame specifications and you’re going to be able to order these cabinets and standard height. When it comes to your wall, face frame cabinets, the wall face frame, cabinets coming, wall cabinet Setter, 42in. They also come in wall cabinets available in 36, inches high and a 30 inch high wall cabinet is also available. Another thing that you can order with wall cabinets is going to be a 27 inch, I’m cabinet for your walls, a 24in tie wall cabinet. I also for special sizes. You can get a 21 inch wall cabinet and 18 inch. High wall cabinet, 15, inch, high cabinet and also wall cabinets are going to be available in sizes such as 12 inch high wall cabinets, cabinets Hattiesburg when you setting them over a refrigerator. Are you may have to use one of these type of wall cabinets being installed over your stove? Besides, will change, depending on, if you’re, using a hood vent pipe insulation above your stove? If you going to use a microwave hood vent above your stove now those are the heights that you can pre-order her that you can specify when it comes to options on your prefab cabinets as far as the wall, size, cabinets and wall cabinets are typically knows. We’Re talking about here is cabinets that are mounted to the wall. That’S going to be your uppers. We just call him up for cabinets, but for the prefab ordering process they refer to in his ball cabinets versus what would be just called your base. Cabinets was the cabinets that just sit on the floor now your base cabinets are good not going to have his many sizes, that’s their available in as far as Heights, because all of your base cabinets are going to be 34 and 1/2 in tall base. Cabinets are pretty standard when it comes to construction across the board. It’S a standard within the cabinet industry to standard within home, building that your countertop Heights for a kitchen cabinet is going to be 36 in for your cabinets Hattiesburg and it’s 36in is to the top of the counter top. So if you take off the thickness of the countertop, which is typically about 1 and 1/2 in you, left with 34 and a half inch of custom Cabinet or prefab cabinet, that is to get the height of 36 in to the top of your countertops, defuse a Thinner, countertop you’re, going to be a little bit lower than that, but you’ll be anywhere from 35 and a half to 36in is where you going to typically have a construction for a countertop, height, kitchen cabinets and so the type of cabinets that you can order for.

For those you’re going to have your standard cabinets with doors that bud each other, these are doors that meet together. These are good for sink cabinets and things tour. You can open it up and not have a face frame going down the middle of it. So you can access the plumbing at all. Better I was going to have a standard base. Cabinet has two drawers on top someone put, the butt doors will just have one drawer going across. You can also separate that one drawer, if it’s a long air, you can separate that and get two separate drawers on that, and then you always have the full height base cabinet with no drawer. It’S often times going to be referred to as a tray cabinet. You can put trash, can pull outs and these two taller trash can pull outs. Are you can put those in a tray cabinet or just use the next two steps for putting like cookie sheets and trays and things like that at them? And then you going to be able to order a 3-drawer base base cabinet, which of course, it’s pretty common, commonly understood that a 3-drawer base cabinets going to have three drawers in it. The other alternative to that is going to be a 4 drawer base cabinet. Where you can stay out of the three drawers you can have 4 doors in it, and course the drawers will be smaller on a 4-door cabinet but you’re able to get more drawers and therefore silverware and things like that. If you need it, if you’re one of the deeper deeper drawers for better storage of more things in each drawer than you going to want to use a three drawer base cabinet. So that’s all we’re going to talk about today when it comes to the prefab lines and what’s available from those prefab lines or specifically talking about the Heritage prefab line that were who started handling from Wiles cabinets and for your cabinets Hattiesburg so make sure to join Us next time we’re going to go over some more specifications when it comes to these cabinets getting into the vanities in laundry rooms, and things like that. So join us back here again with the Wilds cabinets and flooring podcast. I am Greg and you can find us by calling her phone number 601-795-0305 or Fisher to go to our website, had wilds and then again you can always do a Google search. You can go to your Google search bar and you can search for cabinets Hattiesburg is the keyword to find us that way so go on there and fill out a form, a contact us form so that we can get in touch with you begin the process of getting your new kitchen cabinets.