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Once again welcome to Wilds cabinets and flooring podcast, the podcast that we discuss all things, cabinets and kitchen cabinets for the cabinets Hattiesburg and if you were in Hattiesburg cabinets if you may be located in Pearl River County Lamar County or in any of these areas, Stone County Would be happy to assist you and serve you with high quality Custom Cabinets brought you with a service that can’t be beat and will be happy as well. To give you a free estimate, Freeport price quote: you can come by and visit our showroom. You can come and see what wild cabinets is all about, get to know our staff of friendly people that will help you to do the relay out and help you to do your design and decide what exactly you may want for your kitchen’s when it comes to Your new construction, if you’re, building a home if you’re remodeling a house or maybe you’re a contractor contractors, also need cabinet makers. I would be happy to be the people that you picked to work with when it comes to getting kitchen cabinets, Custom, Cabinets Hattiesburg for your home or business or for your house Flip or remodel whatever it is that you’re working on.

We have been discussing lately for the cabinets Hattiesburg we have been laying out and going over the different options when it comes to prefabricated cabinets that we offer here in our business that Wilds cabinets in Poplarville, the home of the best Kitchen cabinets that you’re going to find in south Mississippi with the best service and affordability that you’re going to be able to locate for your kitchen cabinets Hattiesburg for your home or business. We talked about the different options that the Heritage brand prefabricated cabinets had to offer, and we want to continue to work through that to let you know make you aware, I would options you have when it comes to the prefabricated cabinets for your home or business.

We talked about the different specifications and sizes for the face frames of these cabinets and for the wall cabinets. What type of heights that you can order these in and also for the base cabinets? What type of heights you can order these in the other thing we’ll discuss is the vanity specifications, looks all of the vanities that we can order from the prefab cabinets are going to be in the new used to vanities standard sizes were shorter, they were going to Only be like 32 in to the top of the vanity. Now all the vanities come in a luxury height which is going to be 34 and 1/2 in also known as comfort height pins, on what manufacturer, you’re talking to they’re, going to use the different terms and descriptions to describe the different option to have when it comes To those vanity sizes, but the Heritage Cabinets do come for the cost for the cabinets Hattiesburg they come in the 34 and a half inch size height, which is going to be the same as the kitchen cabinet height course. The depth will be different. The depth going to be 21 in instead of 24 for the kitchen cabinet depth. Vanity Depp’s are generally the shallow, her more shallow than what a kitchen cabinet is going to be. If you need something, that’s going to be deeper for your particular vanity, then you can use a standard kitchen cabinet places that were the other options that you have for the prefab cabinets is going to be the desk face frame, specific the desk face frame cabinets and These are going to be 24 in height. This is, if you’re, going to take a few cabinets together and build a desk out of them or a desk unit, maybe you’re using a vanity makeup area when I kind of little desk area off of that vanity. Some people do, you have to have 24 inch and you can get that in a 24in desk base or a 24 hours or a desk drawer cabinet what y’all come 24in and then also you have the option of getting a file drawer cabinet. That’S a good option to be able to have we’ve had to do file drawer cabinets customs in a lot of cases for this situation for the custom cam for the prefab cabinets Hattiesburg, you can get the file drawer cabinet already built.

Some other cabinet options that you Have is going to be for your tall cabinets, these are going to be things like linen cabinets, Pantry cabinets, or utility cabinets and they’re going to be available in 79 and 1/2 in tall 85 and 1/2 in tall and 91 and 1/2 in tall course. You have to add the four and a half inch toe kick on that, so the 79 and a half inches tall is actually going to be 84 inches tall. So you going to have them at 7 foot tight. So, if you’re not going all the way to the ceiling with your cabinets or you can have it one – that’s built to go to the 8-foot, but you have to put some Crown to trim into the ceiling or you can also build it to be 90 in Thai, or than a 96 inch I hate to go all the way complete to the ceiling you have to factor in. You got to be able to stand that thing up there. If you have 8-foot ceilings play soft and best to go with the shorter Cabinet.