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Today we’re going to be discussing some of the prefab cabinet lines that we’ve begun to carry at Wild’s. We have decided for many years ago. We decided we would carry a prefabricated cabinet line to offer. Alongside of our custom Cabinet line for the Cabinets Hattiesburg that you may need often times, we build a complete custom Cabinet for new homes or remodels, and even for apartments, and things like that. But sometimes people’s budgets are tight and maybe they’re getting nearing the end of their construction, and they just find that the price of custom cabinets with a little more than what they’re able to spend yeah. They still want to complete their job and complete their kitchen and get their project done on time and on budget. So one of the ways that we stepped in to be able to help fill this void. Fill this Gap in this area is to be able to offer, as well as kitchen cabinets that are custom built and custom-made. Also, wild has decided to offer a prefabricated cabinet line that is already pre manufactured or build elsewhere. That’S comes shipped to us already assembled or can be also be shipped to us and all palletized her own boxes, to where they will need a assembly, and some people are do-it-yourselfers or DIY cabinets and they would like to save that money of the assembly and go Ahead and assemble them themselves, so we can offer and as unassembled cabinet, at a discounted rate to customers that would rather assemble their kitchen cabinets themselves. Rather than have someone do the Assembly of the kitchen cabinets for them and save that little bit of money that one of the brands that we’ve decided for a few years ago that we were going to deal with this Heritage Cabinets. You can see many of their products at I’ll post. A link to that on this broadcast I’ll make a link that you can click on what the Heritage cab, so that you can go there and check out some of the images and some of that. The gallery of jobs on the cabinet jobs that  have been done. Pictures of those said you can see what kind of work Heritage Cabinets does what type of offerings that they have for options for Custom Cabinets. I do have a few colors, that’s available. How many days are going to be built in prefinished Heritage Cabinets is based in Hendersonville Tennessee. They have a hundred twenty five thousand square foot Distribution Center to make sure that most cabinets arrive to their customers within 2 weeks. Should I have a two-week turnaround time? It’S not too bad when it comes to ordering the cabinet have to wait 2 weeks, for your cabinets is a reasonable amount of time, often times Custom Cabinets can take 4 weeks or sometimes longer, depending on the size and scope of the job. That is being worked on so to have a two-week turnaround is not really too bad a problem for cabinets and kitchen cabinets for your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, one of the some of the offerings that heritage Cabinets has is they have their cabinet?

Construction can consist of a full overlay door style, as well as the standard over door Style. We’Ll look at one particular item here, and this is the gray Norris Gray, the cabinet construction. The standard construction on this kitchen cabinet has a full overlay, solid wood door, wood veneer panel 5 piece drawer front. The face frames for 3/4 inch, thick wood face frames, box construction is going to be plywood with a half inch thick plywood size. The ends are all going to be natural finished for field installation you’ll have to order will have to order the Skins to complete the sides to make the matching sides on the phone. This particular product of the this particular color, the gray, the Norse gray, with the cabinet Construction on the backs are all going to be half inch. Plywood backs and half inch plywood hanging rails, Doswell shelving is going to be constructed of three-quarter inch, plywood shelves and then, of course, your drawer boxes are going to be dovetail drawer boxes with a 5/8 thick solid wood dovetail drawer box. All of your drawer Glides are going to be under mount full extension soft-close and then all of your hinges will be concealed hinges with the soft-close hinges on those and then all of your shelf Clips take include, show me clear, locking design shelf Clips to lock the Shelf in and that’s the North Gray from Heritage, they also have the white Shaker painted finish and they and they also a painted gray, which is a smoke grey cabinet, and these standard construction are also going to be over, like doors, solid overlayed doors with a veneer Panel same thing with the drawer fronts are going to be a 5 piece drawer front instead of thick slab door front for your cabinets, Hattiesburg for picking and the Interiors aragami natural finished, which is pretty well standard. We do that was custom cabinets hattiesburg unless it’s requested otherwise, and then half inch plywood sides. All the exterior ends of these do match the paint all sides will be white or gray, depending on which cabinets you’re looking at there will be two color matched to the end.

Panels be exactly what the color of the face frame is on all cabinet. So you don’t have to order an additional piece to be able to make your finish. Dance on that backs really half inch thick, plywood half inch thick hanging rails. Plywood shelves will be three quarter inches thick with the course dovetail solid wood floor boxes and then undermount, soft-close, drawer, Glides and concealed adjustable hinges on the white Shaker cabinet, as well with that prefab cabinets and we’ll talk a little bit more about some of these other Cabinets that we have to offer on the next show on the next broadcast, who want to be sure, you’re able to find and get in touch with wilds cabinets for your cabinets Hattiesburg and your Hattiesburg cabinets. We want you to call 601-795-0305 or go to our website, which is at Wilds or also you can Google search cabinets Hattiesburg to be able to find kitchen cabinets for your home or for your remodel. We’Ll see you next time, thanks for joining us over and out