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Well good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of Poplarville and the surrounding areas, including Cabinets Hattiesburg , and of the Picayune area in Wiggins area, we’re happy to have been offering kitchen cabinets to these areas for quite some time. For many years, we’ve been serving the Gulf Coast areas, including Picayune, Mississippi, Wiggins, Mississippi when it comes to kitchen cabinets and Custom Cabinets and floor covering was also offered to these areas. If you’re wanting the best possible experience when it comes to purchasing Custom Cabinets for your home, more for your business, we encourage you today to give us a call check out our website and get the information to. Is that we need, in order to contact you to help again creating the best experience possible, the most detailed and the most service-oriented, the cabinet store cabinet shop that you’re going to be able to find to do business with when it comes to purchasing or ordering your Custom Cabinets for your home for your new construction or, if you’re remodeling as well so be sure to locate us, give Wilds cabinets a call on their phone number, which is 601-795-0305, also be sure to go to the website at Wilds cabinets dot-com. For all of your cabinets Hattiesburg needs.

We’ve been talking a little bit here lately about some of the prefab rotated cabinets that we’ve been offering as a alternative to the custom cabinets that we build as a budgetary alternative to help those fit within their budgets. If you’re on a tight budget, we want to be able to still offer our services to anyone that may have an interest for a need for Custom Cabinets. We talked about some of the construction to Cabinet Construction of the prefabricated cabinets and how they are and all wood cabinet. They are 100 % real wood cabinets. There’S suitable to use in kitchens and baths are also suitable to be used in commercial applications, and there is warranties that are available when it comes to these products and the product is a Heritage cabinet and it is a company out of Tennessee that does offer a Wide selection of just SK use in a big number of stocking items so that, when we place an order for your cabinets will be able to get those cabinets in fast enough to where you don’t have to spend a lot of time. Waiting to get those cabinets. In so that, you’re not putting your construction on hold for your cabinets Hattiesburg you’re, not putting that construction behind schedule to wear all of your other subcontractors are having to wait to get their work done behind you, because you’re waiting on kitchen cabinets for Custom Cabinets, one Of the other colors, when we talked about a few of the colors, are a couple of the colors that we talked about for the customer care. For the prefab cabinets was the Norse grey. Then they also had the painted cabinets available, which was the Shaker cabinets on the prefab cabinets and also the smoky gray cabinet.

We talked about how they are constructed in what methods that use and then there’s also an espresso Shaker cabinet that we sold two or three jobs of this espresso Shaker over the past few years, and customers have always been really satisfied with the look, since the dark. Really dark espresso, coffee, color cabinet style that looks sense to be a color that still in style right now and it’s still available and the construction on the espresso cabinet is a standard. It does come with a full overlay door. It is the five piece drawer front. As well, just like, on the other cabinets, half inch thick plywood box construction, it does have the natural interior finishes, smooth interior finishes that can be wiped easily or if you get a little spill in there, it’s not going to absorb that long as you get it Wiped up, you won’t have any problems with this painting. It’S a very nice durable finish on the inside that cabinet. Also, I was going to have the half-inch thick sides that are staying to match the front, so you don’t have to order any veneer pins on your exposed ends. Are you finished and I won’t have to be veneer door won’t have to be skins applied, they call it the veneer pieces, they call skins in the cabinet business and you won’t have to purchase extra skins for your finish. Dan’S, like you, do some of the other colors it’s missing necessary thing with some of the color designs hope it does have the half inch thick plywood backs and a half inch thick hanging rails made out of plywood. The shelves for the cabinets Hattiesburg are going to be three quarter inches thick and then, of course, you have a dovetail. Drawer boxes are going to be standard on all these as well. Now the espresso cabinets. Do not come with the undermount drawer Glides. These will only have the full extension side mount drawer Glides, but they will be soft close as well and as well. The hinges are going to be a fully concealed. Soft-Close hinge. That’S going to come standard on these prefab cabinets. More and more of the prefab cabinet lines have decided to start, including the soft-close hinges on their we’re used to be uncommon, now you’re, starting to see more and more companies do that. So that’s the espresso Shaker cabinet construction. A few other cabinets that are available from this line are going to be the Madison white Cabernet and a mocha distressed, which is just a stained Maple stain to kind of a brownish color. I’M not going to be full overlay doors as well include the 5-piece storefront, but it’s Labrador front. They are going to have three quarter inch. Thick wood face frames, half inch thick plywood boxes for the for their box, construction of the cabinet box for the cabinets Hattiesburg.

The Interiors are finished to match the exterior the cabinets. If you have a white cabinet, your whites going to be the insides going to be white as well. If you have a brown cabinet, the insides going to be brown on this type of cabinet to the exterior ends are finished to match. The plywood backs are half inch thick and there’s half inch thick plywood hanging rails and three quarter inch thick shelves 5/8 dovetail drawer boxes, and these also are going to clean the side. Mount full extension with soft-close is what your drawers are going to be constructed out of, and your hinges will be concealed hinges, that’s pretty much, the all the colors available or the hairdos lying. That’S one. Two three 4567 looks like they have seven seven colors available in this prefab line and in the next broadcast, we’ll talk a little bit about some of the size of a lability service and warranty information when it comes to the Heritage, Cabinets so be sure to contact Us at Wilds I go to Google search and search. Do a Google search for cabinets Hattiesburg be another way to find us see if our website comes up and fill out, the contact us form and we’ll be sure to give you a call back just as quickly as we possibly can to begin to get your information And find out what ways we can assist you and getting new kitchen cabinets for your home.